Part 1: Coloured pencil. Ideation. was shot in a new and unique style that is different from any educational video you have seen before. The main difference between this film and traditional video tutorial is that the process of making it was the same as making a real movie. The use of multiple dynamic cameras and special movie equipment, such as rails, cranes, and steadicams allowed us to create captivating and dynamic narrative video that describes the process of sketching a car. We also paid special attention to choosing the right sound tracks and mixing them with the video. Our major achievement was the use of visual effects to better demonstrate techniques applied throughout the process. Altogether, it resulted in an absolutely new approach that no one has ever used before. Unlike typical video tutorials, it engages you in a creative atmosphere and keeps you entertained. It is not just another video lesson. It is a movie.

The film consists of 6 parts, introduction, and afterword. Each part demonstrates the process of sketching a vehicle and describes techniques that have been used. Every part also ends with a summary and detailed explanation supported by the visuals. In this video, the emphasis is placed not as much on the technical aspects of drawing, as on the fast development of a theme during the initial ideation process. Full length of the video is 28 min
"We didn’t make this film just to show you some sketching techniques. Sketching cars for us is more than a job; it’s our passion. We wanted to deliver the spirit and the atmosphere in which designers work and create. To achieve that, we have done tremendous amount of work and spent countless number of sleepless nights working on special effects. We obviously had to put much more effort than just put a designer at the table, set our camera on a tripod and push the “REC” button, as it’s usually done when making educational videos. We wanted to avoid boredom and monotony at all cost. We hope that the viewers will appreciate our efforts. Please, keep in mind that this is our first film made in such a format and some aspects of it could be questionable. But either way, it’s up to a viewer to decide."
- use of colored pencil and its capabilities as a sketching tool
- importance of a side view for drawing in perspective
- packaging and its influence on body proportions and shape
- solving problems of drawing symmetrical form in perspective
- line quality as one of the main aspects of successful sketch
- drawing proper wheelbase
- creating illusion of depth on a sheet of paper
prologue: tune
1. sideview
2. combined line
3. line weight
4. stance
5. symmetry
6. illusion of depth
epilogue: sketch-wall
Quality: Full HD 1920x1080
Duration: 28 minutes
Language: English
Kodec: H.264 8 000Kb/s
Distribution: digital download
Downloading file size: 1.9Gb
OS: Windows

WARNING: Unfortunately, at this time the FULL version can only be played on Windows-based computers. Apple version will be available in the early 2014. Free demo of 1st chapter can be played at any operation system.
Ivan graduated from the Stroganov Moscow State University of Applied Arts with a Major in Transportation Design. After that, he travelled to Europe where he interned at Fiat (Turin, Italy). He also received Master’s Degree in Transportation Design from Scuola Politecnica di Design (Milan) and then had a long-lasting internship at Nissan. Ivan has a vast experience as a freelance and a full-time designer. During several years, Ivan was the Lead Designer at Marussia Motors. At the present time Ivan continues his career as a professional transportation designer.
DST20’06 is an independent film production studio, which was founded in 2013. It specializes in educational videos about sketching. At this moment, three more videos dedicated to transportation design are being made.